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Springfield Township Library

Historical Cemetery Hunt and Tour

Clue Hunt This Weekend @ Davisburg Cemetery. Historical Self Tour @ Andersonville Cemetery

Self-Guided Davisburg Cemetery History Hunt

September 11-13 / 9am-7pm / All ages / No registration. Free.

At the flag, start the tour and get your first clue, then find symbols and signs to know what to do.  Discover history and mystery along the way and see namesakes of roads you drive by each day.  Meet a mailman, a milliner, the undertaker, and doc.  A farmer, a barber, and one who ministered his flock.  Play attention, keep the notes, and use your eyes!  At the end, crack the code to earn your prize!

Self-Guided Andersonville Cemetery Historical Tour

September 18-20 / 9am - 7pm / All ages / No registration. Free.

Come explore the Andersonville Cemetery for a self-guided historical tour, where you will learn about founding families of the Andersonville settlement, established in 1833.  Among those that have been laid to rest here are three Civil War soldiers and a Revolutionary War soldier.  Enjoy this unique opportunity to learn the history of those who helped to establish this community.

In partnership with Springfield Township and Springfield Township Library

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