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Springfield Township Library

Kroger Rewards

How to register Kroger Rewards to benefit the Friends of the Springfield Township Library.

Register your Kroger card at:

Earn money for the library every time you shop!

Registering your Kroger card does not impact your rewards, gas points or coupons you usually receive.

When you register:

• Choose Non-Profit Organization # FL377
• Organization name: Friends of the Springfield Township Library

Location & Hours

Springfield Township Library
12000 Davisburg Rd., Davisburg, MI 48350

Phone: 248-846-6550
Fax: 248-846-6555

Monday: 10am - 8pm
Tuesday: 10am - 8pm
Wednesday: 12pm - 8pm
Thursday: 10am - 8pm
Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 12pm - 4pm
Sunday: Closed

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