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Springfield Township Library

New Books Purchased by the Friends of the Springfield Township Library

Check out the new additions to our Parenting, Career, Reference and Oversize Book Collections purchased by our Friends!

The Friends of the Springfield Township Library gave the library a generous donation to update the books in our Parenting and Career sections. We also created a new Oversize Book Collection which was supplemented by this donation from the Friends. Visit the library and take a look at these updated collections located under the windows directly across from the Reference Desk. Thank you to the Friends of the Springfield Township Library for their generous support in keeping our library collection current and relevant!

New Parenting

New Careers


Location & Hours

Springfield Township Library
12000 Davisburg Rd., Davisburg, MI 48350

Phone: 248-846-6550
Fax: 248-846-6555

Monday: 10am - 8pm
Tuesday: 10am - 8pm
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Thursday: 10am - 8pm
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Saturday: 10am - 4pm
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